Dear parents,

StoneBridge has traditionally offered an eight-week "communicants' class" to the 6th graders. The goal is to cover the essential doctrines and prepare students for full membership in our church family. We are offering this class again this year in February and March. The hope of this class is that you and your child grow in relationship with each other. This class is structured in a way that each student will receive take-home lessons to be completed for the following week. That week we will answer any questions that arose during the week. We will also take time to unpack a few specific topics from the lessons for that week.

Everything your child needs to complete the lesson can be found either in the lesson, in the Westminster Shorter Catechisms (SC#), or in the Bible. I want to encourage you to work with your child through the lessons engaging in the topics with them. How has your understanding of the given topic worked itself in your faith?

The class is NOT required to become a full member of Stonebridge but it is highly recommended. What is required is a meeting with two elders of the church to share their testimony. During the course of the class we walk students through what a testimony is and sharing it to the elders and others. If your child is not in the 6th grade, but interested in membership, they are welcome to join the class or the Discover StoneBridge class. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have more questions!

Below are the lessons to be downloaded and printed out if your child is unable to attend a specific week. Each shows the date we will cover them in the classroom and due dates. There are a few extra dates involved in the class if you do feel your child is ready to join the church. Please be aware which of the following dates are mandatory.

Follow Up Classes April 9 & 23 (4pm-5pm) Mandatory

Communicant Celebration May 7th (6pm) Encouraged

Sunday Morning Worship Welcome May 14 during both worship hours (Tentative)
These handouts were passed out on 2/5
These handouts were passed out on 2/12
These handouts were passed out on 2/19
These handouts were passed out on 2/26
These handouts were passed out on 3/5
These handouts were passed out on 3/12
These handouts were passed out on 3/19
These handouts were passed out on 3/26
These are the Q&A that is used during the lesson. In the homework, when you see "SC#_", you find the question in this document.